Learning and Certification

What is Baur Project?

Baur Project is a collaboration project that initiated by Netherland Government. For the pilot project, Baur has collaborated with Marine and Fisheries Agencies and Institution in Indonesia and one of them is Jakarta Fisheries University. The focus of this collaboration is applying Blended Learning System which one of the purpose is to make certification process easier for Fisherman, pond's owner and etc. Baur itself is a word from Bahasa which many Indonesian must have heard this word oftenly, it means Blended, United or Connected. Word Baur is taken because it is really in line with our method and core value to improve education system around the nation with Blended Learning. Our Hope with the establishment of Baur is a well developed connection between human to human, human to digital world and human to nature.


To create the best option for Government agencies, Non-government and private sector operators, to collaborate with each-other when providing the Indonesian workforce with relevant learning opportunities. The users of our learning materials improve their daily lives though learning economically, socially and environmentally.


By 2020, we have been recognised by the Indonesia fisheries and aquaculture industries as a service provider with excellent professional learning opportunities for their workforce. Our vocational learning activities are managed and followed online, they are attractive and accessible for a wide range of audiences. The learning services differentiate from their competition by offering relevant incentives to the learner through formal recognition of their competences and/or economic opportunities in a user-friendly manner.


Collaborators and Sponsors

These are the institutions that initiate this project and work together to make an innovative and integrated educational program with blended learning system for the fishing communities in Indonesia.

Our Main Team

The great people behind our Project, an expertees in their discipline delivering you an improved educational system in Indonesia through Blended Learning System and digitalization

Available Courses

Modules and Materials of our courses are based on The Institute of Certification of Indonesia Marine and Fisheries Agency. However, not every modules and materials is used in the program, we prioritize modules that can be applied on the field in the near future


Vannamei Shrimp Cultivation Course

Learning the process of Vannamei Shrimp Cultivation from the very beginning to the end and finish our program to achieve Professional Certification


Seaweed Euchema Cultivation Course

Learning the process of Seaweed Euchema Cultivation from the very beginning to the end and finish our program to achieve Professional Certification

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