What is the Baur Project?

The Baur Project is a collaborative project initiated by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Government of the Netherlands. The focus of this collaborative project is to apply the Blended Learning system which will later be used to facilitate the Professional Certification process for fishery business actors. The word Baur itself is an Indonesian word that is familiar to the people in Indonesia, Baur means Mixed, United and Connected. The word Baur is used because this word is in line with the basic values of our team who use the Blended Learning method in our efforts to advance the education system in Indonesia. Our hope with the establishment of Baur is to create good connections between humans and humans, humans and the digital world and humans and the universe.


To create the best option for Government agencies, Non-government and private sector operators, to collaborate with each-other when providing the Indonesian workforce with relevant learning opportunities. The users of our learning materials improve their daily lives though learning economically, socially and environmentally.


By 2020, we have been recognised by the Indonesia fisheries and aquaculture industries as a service provider with excellent professional learning opportunities for their workforce. Our vocational learning activities are managed and followed online, they are attractive and accessible for a wide range of audiences. The learning services differentiate from their competition by offering relevant incentives to the learner through formal recognition of their competences and/or economic opportunities in a user-friendly manner.


Collaborators and Sponsors

The following are several institutions, institutions and the private sector that participated in the establishment of the Baur Project and collaborated to create educational programs that are innovative and integrated with a blended learning system for the marine and fisheries community in Indonesia.

Our Main Team

The great people behind our Project, an expertees in their discipline delivering you an improved educational system in Indonesia through Blended Learning System and digitalization.

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