What is Blended Learning?

In general, blended learning combines e-learning with face-to-face learning systems, between digital and conventional education. Producing an efficient learning process, especially for those who do not have the funds to continue their education through school or other limitations. produce good competencies and best suit the needs of students. The Baur team believes that Blended Learning will be an alternative solution for future educational methods, so that knowledge can be disseminated for better education and Indonesian human resources.


Future Education System

Every activity and assignment data that has been made both in the form of videos, photos, evidence of chat results from consultations and written assignments will be collected and evaluated by your coach or teacher to determine graduation. All of this data is stored on a server which can also be accessed by LSP-KP, after the participant's data is considered to meet the standards, the participant will be given a professional certificate.


(Inter) ACTIVE



Serving the Country

By using the Blended Learning System, we can bypass the limitations of place and time. Quality science and education can be enjoyed by all, from big cities to remote parts of the country.

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