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Food Safety (HACCP)
Food Safety (HACCP)

In this training you will learn why it is important to work in a food safe manner, and how you can contribute to food safety and quality.

Food Defense & Food Fraud
Food Defense and Food Fraud

In this Course you will learn how to contribute to product safety by recognizing and preventing intentional contamination, crime and fraud.

Cleaning & Disinfection
Cleaning & Disinfection

In this training you will learn why cleaning is important and which cleaning methods are indicated to effectively clean and sanitize your production environment.

Metal detection
Metal Detection

In this training you will learn why it is important to detect and analyze contamination caused by metals that contribute to food safety and quality.

Temperature Control
Temperature Control in the Cold Supply Chain

In this training you will learn how to manage planning in maintaining the condition of food products in ideal temperature conditions in cold supply chain processes.

Cleaning & Disinfection
Storage & Transport

In this training you will learn why distribution systems and the use of transportation that are managed effectively in the context of moving good food products.

The course is accepted as good preparation for working in food processing industries that how certification like BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, FSCC 22000

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